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Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is a process, which used in the field of image processing industry to cut out the required object from its background. The uses of pen tool in Adobe Photoshop allow us to cut out a picture from its background by drawing paths around it. After carefully creating the outline of the images, everything within the path is retained and the elements outside are deleted, and then replaced with any other background.

Background removal Service

Background Remove Service

Background remove service is a process to remove the entire background or some unwanted portions of the image by using Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop. It’s like as process of the cutting photos from the magazine pages by using scissors The Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop is used to cut the outline areas of an image and put it white background, transparent background or any other background.

Photo Retouching Service

Image Masking Service

Image masking is a technique that allows us to remove object from a photo, which photographs have blurred/fuzzy edges. If the images have the fine details of the individual hairs and furs make it difficult to remove background with clipping path, that’s why we need advanced Photoshop skills and techniques like image masking process. This technique is applied when clipping path doesn’t work.

Image manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service is a technique of digital photo editing approach by which image artists can create an image by using two or more images, alter an image or perhaps picture to fix flaws, adjust lighting or colors, removed dummy from your garments product or make it invisible, boosting the image quality as well as clarity from its natural standard. We’re here to help you to create your product images high-quality.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Service

It’s not possible to take every photo perfectly, no matter how skilled the photographer who shot it. They may not have the right lighting at the time of the shot. Or they may drop a product just before the photo shoot with no time to shoot again or replacement. Or the photo has been taken in dusty location or in poor color. Whatever the situations, photo retouching services can help you to achieve the right photo you want.

Drop Shadow Reflection Shadow-Service

Drop Shadow Service

Generally, shadow is the effect of light grey or dark black color that can be seen under the objects. Drop shadow makes the photos more natural. In graphic design, drop shadow effect is a visual effect consisting of a drawing element which looks like the shadow of an object, giving the impression that the object. To get a realistic look for edited images, applying drop shadow effect is must.

Fix The Photo

Color Correction Service

For every eCommerce retailers, it’s crucial to showcase the entire range of product variations. But it’s not always possible to shoot every variation. That’s why for every eCommerce owner or photographers, color correction saves valuable editing time. You may didn’t have the time or budget to shoot all of the product variants during the shoot, or you don’t have access to images of the different color options. Color variants are helpful if you want to make variants of product. You can choice Photo Editing Service

Ecommerce Photo Editing Service

Product Photo Editing Service

Product photo-editing services are helpful for all kinds of eCommerce owner. You maybe don’t have the team and time to edit your eCommerce photos internally. If you have lots of product images, it’s not uncommon to have thousands or more product photos that need to be edited. Whether it’s white background, shadow effect or something in between, we’ll fulfill your requirements by our hand on your budget and tight deadline.

Vector Conversion Service

Vector Conversion Service

If you have a poor quality photo or blurry image that you want to enlarge, vector conversion is the way to go. If you want to enlarge your Images and logos from the original raster file for banners, vehicle wraps, printing materials, screen printing and more, Converting raster to vector, retained the fine details and give you a big, clean and crisp image. But converting raster to vector is a time-consuming task. Outsourcing can save your valuable time at a budget-friendly cost. You can choose Photo Editing Service.


Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service

Starting price at $0.29 USD/image

Shadow Effect Service

Shadow Effect Service

Starting price at $0.25 USD/image

Image Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service

Starting price at $0.49 USD/image

Vector Conversion Service

Vector Conversion Service

Starting price at $5.00 USD/image


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      We don’t have any product, But we sale. You may ask that, what you sell. We sell quality. Quality is our first and top priority. We don’t compromise when it’s the matter of quality. We ensure the product quality from starting the production to end in several steps. You can feel free take a “Free Trial” to get a sample editing for justify our quality.


      We have 100+ graphic designers who are highly expert in Adobe Photoshop. We recruit them after justifying their skills on Photoshop. Also we have an internal training system to improve the expertness of our team. So they are highly professional in the image editing world.


      Comparing the Photo editing world we are offering you the image editing services in a cheapest price. Our starting price at 0.29$ only! You may ask that, How can we offer the lowest price? Our young expert team and work efficiency makes our company more productive. That’s why; we can offer you the cheapest price


      We always ensure you on timely delivery. Because we understand that how much important it is for you. So you can take relax or join your other’s project, we will edit your images on time and delivered.


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      This is great news for you that you don’t have to expend a single penny before you get your completed images. Once you receive your completed images only then you pay for our satisfied service. So don’t worry about payment just place order and get your job done.


      Comparing the Photo editing world we are offering you the image editing services in a cheapest price. Our starting price at 0.29$ only! You may ask that, How can we offer the lowest price? Our young expert team and work efficiency makes our company more productive. That’s why; we can offer you the cheapest price


      We use all type of file sharing network like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Wetransfer etc etc. All platforms are capable of high speed uploading and downloading.  So you can easily use all of those for sharing your file or your personal FTP for upload your image.


      Our business infrastructure is highly adaptable with the modern technology. We use latest technologies to deliver images from receiving the order. Our working process is so much work efficient that we can serve high quality image editing service with cheap price and short time.


    Excellent work, and faster turnaround than promised! I was referred to their services by an art director for whom I was doing a shoot for. I will highly recommend them to all of my colleagues!

    David ReneePhotographer, Denmark

    The work was amazing, the turnaround was less than 15 hours and Fix the Pix was very easy and pleasant to deal with. Will use every time when I’ll need paths from now on. Thank you for your great work.

    Emily WarkePhotographer, USA

    Fix the Pix was a first class photo retouching service provider ever! I can’t describe what I get from them every time. It’s really amazing work experience. I get on time delivery and they allow quality service. Highly recommended and obviously I will hire them for my next project.

    Fablo CarlsPhotographer, Canada

    ABOUT FIX the

    Fix the is an online-based photo editing studio with more than 100 Photoshop professionals. We provide high-quality image-editing services and help you to achieve your goal. We specialize in high-quality Image editing services, hand-drawn clipping path, advanced Photoshop mask, shadow effect, photo retouching, color correction, image manipulation/ghost mannequin and other Photoshop services. Our expert team and work strategy are so efficient that we’re able to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality in our work. Fix The Photo with us. We Fix The Photo that you like.

    Our high-quality production and on-time delivery make our customers happy to work with us for a long time. They are not come to us by compulsion, They trust us when they have a large project, tight deadlines, and any other image-editing needs. Whether they have thousands of images, we can deliver their edited images back within 24-48 hours!




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