Privacy Policy of Fix the

Your privacy is very significant for us. The privacy policy is formed for a cause to make sure that the information you share with us is safe. To make you understand we have included the policies and the ways of our work and communication about our company’s policy and privacy. In other words, we have made this Policy to show you how we gather, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information.

Your Privacy

The policy of ours is a legal statement that gives an interpretation of how we may gather information from you, how we may share your information, and how you can limit our sharing of your information. We utilize the Personal Data you offer in a way that is compatible with this Personal Privacy Policy. If you share Personal Data for an individual reason, we can make use of the Personal Data in connection with the reason for which it was shared. For instance, the registration info which was sent when developing your account might be used to assist suggested products to you based on past acquisitions. To offer access to the services we might use your Data on the Site and monitor your usage of such services. FIX the may also utilize your Personal Data and various other personally non-recognizable information collected through the Website to assist us to enhance the element and functionality of the Website, to much better understand our users, and to improve our services. You will see terms and conditions in our Privacy Policy that are capitalized.

Image Copyright

We (FIX the specialists are very enthusiastic about the safety of our client’s images. All the photos which we get from our clients by Email or FTP account or cloud server are very safe with us. We assure our clients that we will not demand proprietary on their images or use nowhere else.

We have our servers (both online and local) to operate the client’s images. We have the keen rule of not taking the images out of the office. That is also the reason for not providing an internet connection to our employees. They get the files by our server and after editing they submit the images by the server. In fact, in any of the search engines, we do not use your images.

Hence, you can trust us about keeping your image copyright and keep them personal. Without our client’s consent, we never use any image. We give you commitment to the security of your images.

User Information Collection

Usually, you rule over the amount and type of information you provide to us whenever you use our Website. You can browse our website to find out more about our Website as a Visitor. As a Visitor you are not required to provide FIX the team with any Personal Identifiable Information.

But whenever FIX the gets a client, it gathers some essential information about our client. We think it is important to keep the information recorded of both us and our client for the sake of security. We keep information like Email, Payment method, Address etc.

Our employees are also obedient to protect the information of our clients. They never reveal any data of our clients to any third party. We assure the client’s data will not be displayed to whoever visits the website. We gather the exact information and crosscheck them to make assurance for submitting the work and billing purposes.

Email Policy

FIX the PIX will obtain your email address. But, it will never reveal your email to any third party. We use our client’s email just to make business discussion, reaction, and payment, etc.

We may use our client’s email to send our proposal offer from time to time. Any spam is never sent to any emails by us.

User Browsing Behavior-Web Analytics

FIX the PIX collects some generic information. It is done because of the growth, development, and attainment of the website. We do not reveal the identity of the visitors. The information of the visitors assists us to know what visitors want. That’s why we keep the records of our visitors like, where he/she had clicked into, how long he/she was on our website, which pages he/she had visited etc. With these records, we try to know what other things we can do to develop our website. We also offer services to regular visitors to our website.

We also do web exploration sometimes by which we know about our visitors’ savor. We know about the attitude of our visitors. We are capable of realizing if the visitors are engaging with our website or not. Doing that, we collect that wisdom that we can do to change our visitor’s actions positively.

Cookies Policy

There are some tiny files we send from our server to your computer, which is known as cookies. We get information each time you pay a visit to our website with the help of cookies. Cookies assist us to know what type of browser or pages you visit. Then our traffic cookie suggests the pages you may like.

By cookies, we safeguard our client’s data and other information. We are getable to enter on your computer hard drive once you accept our cookies. You also can refuse our cookie appeal if you want. But, cookies get accepted automatically most of the time unless it is customized. For knowing which pages are being visited we use traffic log cookies. Rather than any other cookie, we find a traffic log cookie more convenient and friendly.

We do not keep information about our clients, but also we keep information and data of the visitors on our website. The cookies are automatically sent to the visitors so that we can assume the attitude like what type of browsers they log into, their likes and dislikes. Cookies let us know all this information.

If you want to accept cookies or not is all up to you. If you don’t want us to let you know your needs and do not want us to access your computer hard drive, you can decline our cookie request. We supply a cookie to help others to meet their needs. You can opt-out of it anytime you want, even if you accept our cookie.

Privacy Policy Updates

According to the change of the system, we keep updating our privacy policy. Among everything, we keep your information undisclosed. You can mail us at [email protected]. If you want to know any information about our website. We are always present here to hear from you.

We hold the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. You should observe this Privacy Policy oftentimes. If we make component changes to this policy, we may notify you on our Website, by a blog post, by email, or by any process we determine. The process we chose is at our sole consideration. At the beginning of this Privacy Policy, we will also change the “Last Updated” date. Any changes we make to our Privacy Policy are efficient as of this Last Updated date and restore any previous Privacy Policies.


The safety of your Personal Information is vital to us, but remember that no process of transmission over the Internet, or process of electronic storage, is 100% safe. While we strive to use commercially adaptable means to safeguard your Personal Information, we cannot guarantee its absolute surety. We use practical protection measures to safeguard against the loss, abuse, and exchange of the individual Data under our control. Personal Data is kept in a tightened database and always sent out by means of an encrypted SSL process when adopted by your web browser. No Web or e-mail transfer is ever totally safe or mistakes cost-free. For example, email sent out to or from the Site may not be out of danger. You must have to take special attention to deciding what info you will send to us by Email.

Have Any Query About Our Privacy Exercises or This Privacy Policy?

We are committed to conduct our business in agreement with these principles to assure that the confidentiality of personal information is secured and maintained. If you have any query about our Privacy exercises or this Policy, please feel free to contact us.