Can I try for free first?

Yes, of course! we offer you an opportunity to justify our production quality before starting with an order. You can just click on the “Free Quote” button and send us your sample image. we will edit your images following your given instruction and give you back the completed image with full Quotation. That will not charge any cost!

How can I order?

It’s very simple to order us, you can just simply click the “Order Now” button or “Get Quote” button and leave us an order.

Can I make multiple orders?

If you have already submitted one job and are thinking of editing more images, what should you do? just go to this link_ and place a new order or mail to [email protected]. Our production team will be noticed that you have placed another job and they will immediately start working on your images.

When will I make payment for my order?

You don’t have to pay anything first. You can pay only once you get satisfied with our work. That is great right? We will send you an invoice by using our payments gateway after we deliver your completed images.  You can make payment through Paypal, Credit Card, Mastercard or any other payment method.

How do you determine image complexity for pricing?

Once you send us a free quote, our production manager examines the image complexity by calculating time and qualification required.

Can I send photos using email or google drive or any others online storage?

Yes you can send your images through email. Our email ID is [email protected]. If you want to share your files through google drive, just upload your images in your google drive and send us the link.

How will you set the price?

The best way to know what will be the total price for your order is using “Get Quote”. Use your free quote and let us give you the exact price for your order.

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard delivery time is 24 Hours! It’s not a matter how many images you have, our production capacity is enough to proceed with your images within 24 Hours.

What is your payment method?

We accept almost all kinds of Mastercard powered by stripe payment and we also offer the most popular online payment platform “Paypal”. When you pay your money using your bank card or paypal we assure you your is in right hand and your account is safe.

How can I get back my edited images?

Basically we use all types of file transferring systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer etc. Once we finished editing with your images, we will upload your files to our Dropbox account and we will share the dropbox link to you. Just click on the link and download your images ! Learn more about Dropbox

How can I send my images to you?

When you make a new order you will see an upload box. Upload your images there upto 30MB. If you have images size upto 30 MB you can also share your google drive or dropbox link or transfer via Wetransfer.

 I need urgent delivery. Can I get it?

Though our standard delivery time is 24 Hours, we also offer urgent orders. If you have urgency in your business, we really care about it. By clicking the “Contact Us” button, you can reach our customer support team. They will give you a perfect solution.

I always have images to be edited, Can I get a monthly payment method?

Yes, we offer a monthly payment plan. Most of our customers are online retailers/Photographers etc, full month they have images to edit. So it is really annoying to pay for each order who has images for editing in the whole month! If you want to make a business partnership with us, our welcoming hand is always raised at you.

How long do you take to edit 100 images?

Our standard delivery time is 24 Hours!

Whether you have 100 images or 1,000 images, our production capacity is enough to proceed with your images within 24 Hours.